Erotic Art



Oh there you are! I was wondering when you'd catch up. Perhaps you were so enchanted by my pinkly wonderful personality that you lost your way? What? Oh, well I suppose that wanting to watch my pinkly wonderful bottom swaying from side to side is a good excuse too. Not that I'd deliberately wiggle it for you. I'm not that sort of girl. Though it does seem to wiggle on its own even when I try and stop it. But anyway you're here now and it's time to look at something else.

No, not my pinkly wonderful boobs! And do keep your hands to yourself. It can be very distracting when I'm trying to do my job. Even if it does help you concentrate on my words more! Now, here we are in the realm of Dubhgilla, where he shows off the 3D art which has made him famous. And rightly so! He has a definitely unique way of portraying the most exciting of naughtiness in a series of comic book stories that will keep you enchanted and enlisted and.. envolved? No, that doesn't sound quite right. But they will certainly keep you... enthralled... yes, that's the word I was looking for! The girls are buxom and willing and the guys are.... oh my.... very big and more than just willing! I'm sure they would make my eyes water if I ever... not that I do of course! But these girls do, often and in every position imaginable. So come along and join the fun. Maybe I'll be getting in need of something to cool me down after looking at so many hot pictures!


It's All Coming Together!

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